Corix/BC Hydro installing on Bowen now!

If you are concerned about Smart Meters, you must act now.

Corix are actively installing meters now. Unless you have a lock, posted a sign on your meter (signed, addressed and dated) or registered your opposition with BC Hydro you will be getting one of these devices fitted any day now.

We are trying to arrange a service to fit locks for anyone that wants for $35. Please email if you are interested.

Alternatively you can go do it yourself for $25 - details below;

Meter locks for sale, painted black, comes with hardware,$ 25 a piece contact:
           JESSIE @ 778.883.3461 to arrange a meet.

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Throughout North America, there is fast-growing opposition to Smart Meters, for the following reasons:

  • Associated electric bill increases (some as high as 300%) have been noted by many customers.
  • The installation program and lack of due process denies electricity consumers our civil liberties.
  • Appliance and electrical fires associated with Smart Meter installation and operation have occurred in over 800 homes.
  • Significant health and environmental concerns: The wireless meters emit electromagnetic radiation throughout the day, in quantities shown to be detrimental to ecological systems, agriculture, and human health.
  • Enormous financial burden on taxpayers due to installation costs.
  • Invasion of privacy: The meters can send detailed reports to utilities, government and law-enforcement officials, and the signals can also be hacked.

Stop Smart Meters - The Film

A trailer for the independent film "Stop Smart Meters". More info at

If You Call BC Hydro

You may be able to have them put you on a deferral list to have your meter installed in the summer instead of in the spring.
You will first be transferred to their Smart Meter team, who will recite a long list of reassurances and rebuttals in an effort to convince you that Smart Meters are safe. Many people who remain unconvinced have been told they have no choice in the matter, or that if they refuse the Smart Meters, their electricity will be cut.